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A bit about us

Hi, we’re Just Traduções. We can translate and edit legal, financial, business and technical documents for you, to and from various different languages.


Our History

Just was founded in 1988 and has become a benchmark in the translation industry. We have been translating documents for 27 years and can offer you all the security, confidentiality and professionalism that you deserve. Just is run by eight partners who have been working together for more than ten years and who love what they do: an experienced, strong and cohesive nucleus of people. Two of them hold the title of Certified Translator and Interpreter.

We can also call on the services of a team of translators, some of them working in house and some working freelance, who are specialists in a variety of areas – doctors, lawyers, chemists, business managers, economists, PR people, vets and so on – so that we can handle the wide range of subjects that our clients require.


Our aim is to offer translation services and products that are out of the ordinary in terms of quality, reliability and speed, so as to exceed client expectations. We want the market to increasingly turn to us as a benchmark in translation , focusing on our relationship with you, the client, offering quality with speed.

We also do our best to deliver quality from the outset. This is what Just stands for, and this means we have a united team, highly critical of its own work and working well together: this is the “Just“ Way of Doing Things.
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"My partnership with Just Traduções began back in 2001 and it has been very worth while. Just Traduções is a sound company, which appreciates and respects its partners, and is totally committed to quality. Its aim is to provide first-class service to its clients and to exceed expectations in its dealings with them and with its staff."

Marcílio Moreira de Castro

"I am extremely proud to be working for an agency which is run by a group of very competent women, and where most of the staff are female. I wish you well and hope that on this day we shall all reflect on the world we want for ourselves, our daughters and our granddaughters, where every woman is respected and appreciated."

Cecilia Santos

"I would like to congratulate Just on its success, which is only to be expected in a serious and competent company that provides speedy service at a fair, competitive price.
Such qualities will always bring due recognition."

Julio Cesar
Coats Corrente

What We Do

Translation to and from

Translation to and from

We provide free and certified translation services into/from Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, French and German. Taking only our Portuguese, English and Spanish translations into account, we produce more than two million words every month.



We provide Desktop Publishing services for text publishing, either creating a new design or following an existing original.

File Conversion

File Conversion

We convert your files into different formats using a variety of tools available in the market. Our Document Management System (DMS) is equipped with filters and OCR programs for converting PDF, Excel and PowerPoint files into Word format.



You want to give a final touch to a text you have prepared? We edit your document, making sure it reads fluently and is grammatically correct, and that the right terminology is used. We are able to guarantee quality, because our editors are specialists in a wide range of areas: legal, business, finance, technical fields, medicine, journalism etc.


How We Work - Infographics


1. Service

Our client relationship team understands that your work is urgent and that you are looking for fast, high quality service at a fair price, where you can count on confidentiality and trustworthiness. We also carry out client satisfaction surveys through regular visits, which are essential for us to hear and understand what you have to say, and so that we can find out whether there is any additional service we can offer to make the process even easier for you.

2. Tools

We use leading-edge tools and solutions for file conversion and translation.

3. Editing and Proofreading

We proofread and edit every document translated. First of all, our Proofreading Department looks for typos and ensures an efficient service. This is a specialist and highly qualified group of people who are responsible for the quality control of all documents translated. Then the document goes to editing. At this stage, our more experienced translators, with academic qualifications in the specific area, analyze the texts for word choice, style, structure and terminology.

4. Infrastructure

Our IT infrastructure has been made to measure for Just, and includes solutions such as DMS, CRM and ERP for process and finance management, as well as a Help Desk to provide full-time support for all our staff.

5. Translation of Specialist Documents

We have a wealth of experience in translating specialist texts such as offering memorandums for IPOs, litigation and arbitration documents, opinions on aspects of tax and competition, feasibility studies, financial statements, biotechnology, engineering, medicine, users guides and so on.

In 2005, Just was one of the first translation companies to handle offering memorandums in Brazil. We were invited by one of the law firms responsible for the process to a series of meetings, where the type of document and the terminology to be used were explained, so that we could meet the requirements of this new market. Thanks to this unique learning experience, by 2007 we had become the foremost translator of offering memorandums into and from Portuguese in Brazil and overseas.

6. Confidentiality

Confidentiality and accuracy are the trademarks of our work; and this means that all the projects we handle are carried out in strictest secrecy. This assurance is given on the basis of a confidentiality agreement which we sign with our clients and with our staff and freelance translators.

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